About Henning Riebe

Henning Riebe

Thanks for visiting Embracing Emptiness. I am a writer, often a software development executive, life-long learner, and dedicated father. Despite these successes, I have felt plagued by a lack of self-engagement for most of my life. My motivation for creating this site is to share with you the journey back to our selves.

The mission of Embracing Emptiness is to help you conquer self-alienation, disconnection, and loneliness to build stronger selves, families, and communities.

I want to inform and challenge you. I want you to reconnect with your unique and wonderful self so that you can make meaningful connections with others.


After a broad arts education at the University of British Columbia I pursued a career in computer science all the way to the executive level. In my leadership roles in several companies in Germany and Canada, I promoted empowerment as one of the best ways to promote and reward dedication to common goals. It was novel at the time and unfortunately still is in far too many organizations. I gave people as much flexibility as the surrounding conservative cultures would tolerate: recognizing that life happens helped the teams accomplish our goals nonetheless. While most employers focus on technical guru skills, I have found that the most important leadership skill is a solid coaching ability and the confidence to fully support your experts as they do their best.

Outside of my career I continued to pursue my passionate interests in social cognition and theories of self. I am particularly interested in the overall decline of self-health as a result of the relentless pursuit of individualism, the ensuing demise of culturally guided interdependence, the erosion of truly supporting communities, and technological advancements that outstrip our social evolution. My children have helped me to see the tragic conflict between children’s attachment needs and the demands and distractions of an unexamined lifestyle. This project is my effort to redistribute all the learning I am fortunate enough to receive.

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