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Welcome to Embracing Emptiness, a place for people who want to live their best life for their families and communities. I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

The Embracing Emptiness project contains my writing on the nature of the self, in particular the need for meaningful connections for the strength of our selves and our increasingly fractured communities.

The emptiness you feel may manifest itself as a vague lack of fulfilment despite your accomplishments or you might feel lonely even when amongst family and friends. We will fight against isolation and disillusionment through awareness, authenticity, engagement, and selfless outreach.

Twice a week (Monday and Thursday) I write on topics such as the nature of the self, the physiological need for belonging, the ways in which modern culture undermines what it means to be human, and the path to repair. You can stay up-to-date through email updates, RSS, or checking back at the home page.

I write about self understanding and development with the belief that we all have the power to lead full and unique lives without succumbing to or causing isolation from each other or ourselves. To build a better future, I also write about the need to fully understand the contract we make with our children, for the seeds of self-alienation are too easily sown with poor attachment practices and the often short-sighted, premature dissolution of the family home.

I hope the writing here will challenge you to change. Real change requires hard work. Are you ready?

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