A manifesto against disconnectedness

A manifesto is a declaration of beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. It is a statement of principles and a bold call to action (from the Latin manifestum: clear or conspicuous.) A manifesto challenges our assumptions, creates commitment, and promotes change.

The value of a manifesto is that it serves as a constant source of inspiration. It can be read every day to remind us of our priorities. It reminds us of our personal commitments and convictions when times are tough and we are tempted by quick fixes.

Clear intentions

I felt motivated to write a manifesto as a sort of summary of the change I would like to provoke through the material offered here. My research takes me in so many directions that it is easy to wander off track and just write about “interesting stuff,” but that is not my purpose in creating this site. I refer to the manifesto regularly to remind me of the direction I intend to take—it serves as a compass for this site.

The manifesto also enables readers to see what they should expect from the writing here. I want you to be interested and engaged. I don’t want to waste your time because this site isn’t what you thought it would be.

However, I also want to encourage feedback. Ideally this is a dialogue where we are all learning. As I learn more, I might see the need to make adjustments to the manifesto. My reason for doing so would be to ensure that this site really does contribute to the challenge of dismantling self-alienation and disconnectedness.

Brief overview

This manifesto declares that we are responsible for the change in our lives. We will certainly have help along the way, but the actual work of change comes from within.

It points out that our culture is on a path that contributes to disconnected lifestyles and that this goes against our biological needs. Those who are more susceptible to this than others must correct the course for all.

I end with a plea to become engaged so that we do not pass on our wounds to our children.

The manifesto’s link » can also be found on the About page.


I welcome your feedback on the manifesto. Have you ever thought of writing one for yourself? Share your experience here.

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